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Shushpans versus Ogres

Denizens of the Sphere, are you ready for war?
The world is shaken by an unexpected conflict between the ogres and the shushpans. The struggle is real and you’re the only one who can put an end to the massacre… Or stoke the raging flames further to make a profit.

All monsters in the world of the Sphere close to your level (give or take 3 levels) will drop mysterious fragments. Combine them to create various elements and you may receive an uncontrollable familiar — a shushpan or an ogre. Help them battle their rivals, stage fights and support your minion with special potions received by combining additional elements.
This process may also yield additional rewards: teleportation stones, food and healing powders, potions of crafter experience and gatherer’s potions, upgrade scrolls, gemstones and resurrection scrolls. Perhaps more importantly, each minion you obtain will give you a buff that increases your character’s ability power and maximum life by 20% until the end of the event.  
Most of these minions will abandon you once the event is over, but if you manage to collect 4 golden shushpan or ogre summoning fragments you will receive a golden minion that is both stronger and more loyal than its lesser brethren— it will stay with you forever!
Each day the faction that combines more fragments than the other will receive a 10% bonus to the amount of experience, gold and item drop chance for the following day. The losing faction will have to make do with a 5% gold and experience bonus. Be wary: your rivals from the enemy faction may defeat you and claim one half of the fragments you’re carrying.
Visit Cinderkrag and Hellsong Tavern to pick up a daily quest that awards additional fragments. The owners of active premium accounts will enjoy an additional 5% bonus to the fragment drop rate!
Good luck!
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