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Capture the Throne of the Dead God!

An entrance to a new dungeon has opened in the south-east of Emerald Valley.

Throne of the Dead God has been forgotten and abandoned even by the exotic cults of Emerald Valley, but Agwar the Thistle and his Order of Deep Roads did not shy away from this place of terrible power. They gained support of the Death cult and retreated into the crumbling pyramid to recover from the crushing defeat at the hands of the courageous defenders of the Sphere.
The walls of this dreary place bear witness to horrifying transformations and cruel sacrifices meant to pave way for the true masters of this world. While heroes catch their breath and prepare to assault the Throne, terrible monsters are being summoned, dark rituals are being performed and the head of the Order himself prepares to welcome the uninvited guests.
Fortunately, there is an old friend in Ketam Ai who can guide you on your way and provide several hints that will help when you go out to storm the citadel. To continue the quest chain and unlock the dungeon quests, go to the burial grounds and talk to commander Grimheart (humans) or Shegar (demons).
Remember that defeating each of the five bosses in this dungeon will be difficult and may require special tactics. Observe the abilities they use and devise counter-strategies to complete the challenge.
Throne of the Dead God is full of grave dangers. It is only accessible to characters of level 59 and above.
We’re counting on you, heroes!
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