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Return of the Serpent God

Thrice-cursed cult of the Serpent God has stirred back to life in Emerald Valley. Only the true heroes will manage to resist the sinister fanatics and prevent the looming catastrophe!  

Your characters will be able to participate in an exciting event and be rewarded with rare lvl 60 weapons and equipment. All you have to do is kill as many enemies of level 51 and above as you can during the challenge. Some of them will yield serpent tribe coins that can be exchanged for rewards by visiting Logat in Ketam Ai. Be advised that elite monsters drop coins more often and in greater abundance!
Logat will also offer quests to characters of level 58 and above. Completing them is an excellent way to stock up equipment upgrade scrolls, rank VIII socketing gems and additional Serpent tribe coins.
Logat’s daily quests will have you face Belinda the Crone. She is a powerful world boss that drops lvl 60 weapons and equipment as well as prodigious amounts of Serpent tribe coins. Join other heroes before tackling this challenge — you won’t be able to take down Belinda and her minions on your own.
We wish you good luck in combat and great loot after the battle!
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