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Enjoy the Snowy Fairytale!

Dear friends!

The most exiting winter season has come! Have you already started the celebration? We invite you to take part in the Christmas event in Sphere 3.

Snowy Fairytale!

New unique adventures and possibilities await you during this event.
Meet the Frostman! He will be your Santa during this event and will guide you through all the challenges, we prepared for you.
And this is Frostman’s assistant.

If you get lost, ask him, he will tell you where to find the Frostman himself.
So, what adventures are waiting for you during the event?
  • First task offers you to save the day at once. Local monsters have stolen Christmas decorations, and the Frostman can’t finish the preparations without them. Help him to punish the monsters and return the stolen items!
  • The Frostman lost the presents prepared for the holiday! They were seen somewhere in the area waiting for you to bring them back!
  • Help to light the fairy lights! To do that you will need to obtain the special Star energy from the Keepers. Find the Keeper in the location and ask for help.
Complete all the quests to get great rewards!
After you complete all the quests for the first time, they will become dailies, so you can take them again every day while the event is running.
And of course what a Christmas without playing in the snow! Find snow banks and pieces of ice to get snow balls and icicles that you can throw to monsters of other players. They will slow the hit character down, but you have to be quick: after you get a snow ball or an icicle, you have only 5 minutes to use it till it melts and disappears from your inventory.
And now let’s start celebration of the Christmas in the Sphere 3. Winter adventures are waiting for you!
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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