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Welcome to our new server, “Immertel”!

Heroes of Sphere! We’re glad to welcome you to Immertel, our new PvP server.

What are the advantages of playing in a new world? It’s a unique opportunity to turn over a new leaf and to fight for supremacy with other warriors on completely equal terms!
Both new recruits and experienced veterans can start their journey to the world of Sphere from the very beginning, defeating monsters, creating clans and competing for the top place in the rankings!
Be the first on the server to reach level cap with your character and obtain the best equipment. Forge powerful alliances and establish dominance on the battlefield! Capture the world’s ancient castles held by the most powerful of monsters.
Take note of the unique events that will take place on the new server in the nearest future. Participate to win valuable prizes!
We wish good luck and many heroic victories to all the brave souls who decide to make a fresh start in this new pristine land!
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