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Don't miss a new event in Sphere 3!

It’s been 26 ages since the First Builders laid the foundations of the new universe. A terrible catastrophe has befallen the young world of Sphere: strange spatial rifts are opening all over the world, from Ericuria to Tir Twayd. These rifts spawn nightmarish Devastators that seek to subjugate and enslave the living.
An ancient cult of the First Builders emerged from the shadows. Guided by celestial inspiration, its mystical adepts seek to grant powerful boons and divine weapons to champions of the Sphere. These items will serve its owners only as long as the shadow looms over the world and will crumble to ash after the danger has passed.
The armies in both capitals are mobilizing to drive back the invaders. The brightest magicians on both sides held council and found a way to seal the rifts, but the ritual takes time and attracts additional monsters that throw themselves against the defenders.
You need to join these guardians and help to destroy the rifts!
Look for recruiters in your faction’s largest settlements to receive the first quest and start saving the world.
Take note: humans will find these heralds in Cinderkrag and Greenvald, while demons will find them in the camp of the Raven Legion and the Twilight Fishermen village.
There are three types of rifts in the world:
  • the simplest rifts can be closed by fresh recruits between levels 10 and 24
  • more dangerous rifts are guarded by powerful enemies and can only be closed by skilled fighters between levels 25 and 34
  • most brutal and terrifying rifts can only be closed by veteran warriors and desperate daredevils between levels 35 and 45
The Ravagers and Devastators that appear from the rifts are extremely strong and treacherous. Make sure you have loyal companions before you try to defeat them!

Collapsing rifts leave behind plenty of useful reagents. First Builder adepts can use them to create special items that transcend time and space and will bestow these treasures upon the most worthy of heroes.
The event ends October, 17.
Good luck, champions!
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