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Birthday adventures!

Noble defenders of Ericuria!
On August, 18 Sphere 3 celebrates its birthday — the world you know and love turns 2 years old! Famous explorers from both factions return to the capitals to celebrate this momentous occasion, bringing their wondrous zeppelins with them. They prepared a simple quest chain for your heroes and will reward you with fantastic gifts!

Look for a Herald in towns, villages and camps to learn more about the explorers and to acquire the first quest in the holiday chain.
Helping the explorer will give you magnificent rewards:
  • A traits reset scroll
  • A box of keys (contains random keys to unlock different chests with)
  • Upgrade items (high level scrolls, gems, selectors and dyes)
  • A mysterious box that contains 1 of the 3 possible gifts:
  • A golden dragon whelp (lasts 30 days)
  • A prairie sabertooth (lasts 30 days)
  • A permanent helmet of the Ancient

The quest chain is available to all heroes above lvl 10.
The rewards for completing the Challenge arena and Olannor battlefield will be increased while heroes reside in the capitals – the Challenge arena awards valuable crafting resources now and Olannor battlefield awards even more upgrade items.
Make haste! On August, 29 the explorers will depart to continue charting the world of Sphere!
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