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New dungeon — Temple of the Abyss

The world of Sphere keeps getting bigger as explorers make new and exciting discoveries. Today another dungeon opens its doors to players of level 46 and above — Temple of the Abyss. The entrance to this dungeon is located in the eastern part of the Forsaken Lands.
The labyrinthine corridors of the temple are exceptionally dangerous. Creatures that dwell in this crumbling ruin are both strong and treacherous, and a momentary lapse of concentration is likely to cost your hero a quick trip to the resurrection point.
Aside from a multitude of lesser enemies, Temple of the Abyss gives shelter to four powerful bosses: Arterenir, Er'Daroth, Vaa'Colr and Ir'Jital. Each of them has unique abilities and requires a separate strategy to defeat.
(Arterenir is waiting for the first hapless heroes to challenge him)

What kind of rewards will you find inside this dungeon? Defeating bosses may yield lvl 46-50 weapons and equipment as well as rare crafting resources including much-needed soul crystals, high level (45+) gems and upgrade and enchantment scrolls.
Are you ready for new adventures? Let’s go!
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