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Spring adventures in Sphere 3

Spring is the time when warrior women of the Sphere remember that they don’t have to smash their enemies to bits if they can be drop dead gorgeous – often literally. As for noble and chivalrous knights, it is the time to display gallantry and maybe even steal a few hearts. Participate in the spring adventure and be rewarded with ladies’ favors and plenty of other useful items!
Although women of the Sphere fight shoulder to shoulder with men and are just as strong and skillful, they still like jewelry. You’ll have to help treasure hunters by searching for rare pearls in the darkest of dungeons and by protecting them from bandits and bothersome suitors alike.
To join the adventures, humans will have to find beautiful Catherine, and demons will have to find Anna who is no less magnificent.


This quest is intended for players above lvl 10. A brotherhood of shameless thieves is trying to take riches away from a courageous treasure seeker. If you protect her, she will reward you with a box or rarities.
Anna is waiting for her heroes on the road between Twilight fishermen village and the Hellfire tavern, while Catherine can be found not far from Cinderkrag.


Players of lvl 20 and above can try their luck in dungeons. The seeker needs valuable magic pearls for her jewelry and asks you to look for them in the hoards of most powerful monsters. Depending on the level of the dungeon you may receive a treasure chest or a treasure box.
You’ll find the seeker near the chosen dungeon.

Knightly challenge

The most difficult task is available only to players of lvl 45 and above. The seeker will ask you to challenge a powerful but extremely bothersome knight who is trying to win her favor and won’t take “let’s just be friends” for an answer!
Should you win, you will be rewarded with a large box of rarities.
The seeker and her suitor can be found not far from the outposts in the Fosaken Lands.
You may join the adventures and receive new rewards every day!
The event ends March, 21.
Have fun!
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