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PvP servers merge

Dear players!
We have some great news for you today!

EU Nomad PvP realm and RU Almaert PvP realm are now merged into one great international realm. You can meet more friends, slay more enemies and have endless fun in Erikuria and Tyr Twayd.
We have prepared for you this FAQ that should answer any remaining questions regarding this matter.
Will there be any changes with launcher or authorization? Or should I download a new game client?
No. The game client will stay the same, and you can play just like before the merge.
What has happened to my character’s nickname?
There is a possibility that characters on different server can have the same name. So we have added “EN” to all Nomad’s characters names. Don’t worry, a name changing scroll will appear soon in your account’s magical chest, so you can change your name as you like.
Where is my clan?
Unfortunately it was impossible to keep the clans from Nomad server, so they were disbanded. But we have given 60.000 gold to clan leaders, so they can create a clan again.
Our clan owned a castle, where is it?
As all the clans were disbanded, they could no longer own castles, so you will have to capture them again. Your new rivals may try to prevent it, but that makes the game even more interesting!

Where can I find my character’s equipment and shop items?

You can find them exactly where they were before: the equipment is on the character, all the items are in the inventory, bank or magical chest. No changes here.
We understand that some of you may be a bit confused with the changes, but look at this positively.
Now you will have much more fun in Sphere 3!
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