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New masks and helmets in the shop!

One of the best ways to give your character and original look is to equip them with a brutal mask or a colorful helmet!
We have prepared a pleasant surprise for those who like to stand out always and everywhere – every day, every hour, in every battle! Now you can buy any mask or helmet, and it will stay with you forever!
And to stand out from the crowd not only by original look but also by unprecedented battle power, you can complement your headdress with additional stats! To do that you will need a special item – “Small accident”. It will work only on permanent masks or helmets and add 1 to 3 random stats to the item upon use.
Sale finished

You can find permanent masks and helmets on the following tabs of the shop:
Sale finished

Pay attention, that masks and helmets and bound on equip (BOE), so you can trade and sell them to other characters but if you wear it, it becomes personal.
Have a nice game!
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