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Character traits reset

Dear players!
Working on the game we always try to consider your wishes and suggestions. These are what make the Sphere 3 better every day. And, of course, balancing the game depends largely on your feedback.
Some of the classes’ mechanics can be changed in the course of the game development: some become stronger and some weaker especially when the mechanics or power of some of the skills changes. And we understand that for those who plays for these classes it can be either pleasant or unpleasant surprise.
In order to avoid the changes we made to affect your fighting abilities, we give a Traits reset scroll to every character. Use it to reset all your characters’ skill traits and arrange them again in an actual way. The scroll is similar to one form the shop, but this one should be used till the February 18 (23:59 PST).
To get the scroll check the presents section of the shop or "My account" on the web-site.

Thank you for helping us to make the world of the Sphere 3 better!

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