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Hotfixes during maintenance 03.02.2016

During today's technical work scheduled maintenance and reboot the game servers was performed and the following changes were applied:
  • The bug that caused the exit of the game when you exit from the group was fixed
  • Traits of necromancer’s "Dead body" and warrior’s "Battle scars" skills were fixed
  • The radius of effect of the paladin’s "Nemesis" and necromancer’s "Soul reaper" was fixed
  • The bugs with monk’s "Power flow" and necromancer’s" Whirl of souls" were fixed
  • The contents of the arena chest for the 20-29th bracket were fixed
  • Skill "Divine revelation" was changed. Now the ability increases the power of physical and magical attacks of the paladin and allows the righteous strikes, that hit more than one target, emit a wave of light that deals damage for every target hit except the first one to all the enemies at the certain radius
  • "Customization off" option appeared in the Graphics settings. It can be useful during the mass sieges for the players with low computer configuration. This option turns the characters’ customization off improving the performance
  • Speed of the server’s performance in battle mode was optimized
  • The bug that may lead to the failure in creating a character was fixed
  • The bug, that didn’t let the gate on the battleground to open, was fixed
  • The start mount will now work for 7 days
  • The bug that caused the server to fall was fixed
  • The bug that caused the characters to lose experience after death during some of the castle siege, was fixed
  • Now you can get different things in the loot of the dungeon bosses of the 45th level
  • Castle flags now can only be raised after the gate is broken
  • Armor and weapon protection crystals as well as the reinforcement crystals second rank you bought after the update, now can be passed to other players
  • The system of the castle equipment was changed. Now you shouldn’t buy it from the merchants but get it from the castle chest.
    Every day the chest provides new pieces of equipment, until the full set is complete. When the clan loses the castle – all the castle equipment will be lost.
    The old castle equipment will be removed from the characters automatically, but they will receive a money refund from the chest.
    New castle equipment has the higher stats comparing to the old one. Clan leader gets the epic quality armor and weapon!

Thanks for helping us make Sphere 3 better and more interesting for all the players!
If you have found any new bug or error after the maintenance, please leave your message in the commentary.
Good luck in the game!

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