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Hotfixes during maintenance 23.12.2015

During today's technical work scheduled maintenance and reboot the game servers was performed and the following changes were applied:
  • Minimal distance of the fog was reduces to 75 meters (to improve performance on slower computers);
  • After death on the other faction’s territory your character will resurrect only in the high level locations;
  • Christmas event – Snowy Fairytale has started;
  • High level guards were placed alongside the roads in the low level (below 15) locations;
  • Now the icons of the items in the inventory and the character window should display correctly;
  • The tooltip that shows what you point your cursor at (appears in the lower right corner), now disappears correctly;
  • Incorrect display of the dialogs with some NPC in the castles was fixed;
  • Size of the “Assassin” boss mob was returned to the initial value;
  • The bug which caused the characters to resurrect in a nearby location, though they had the right to resurrect in the current location, was successfully fixed;
  • Server performance was optimized;
  • Character’s level cap was increased from 40 to 45;
  • New items were added;
  • New territory was added;
  • New castle was added;
  • New dungeon was added;
  • Teleports to the new location can be found near the taverns in the Bristle fields location (Glowing stone with carved runes);
  • New waves of monsters of levels 41-45 were added to the Arena;
  • Olannor battlefield is now available to the players of level 20-45;
  • On the Olannor battlefield the preparation time after setting the minimal group of players was increased to 1 minute;
  • Castle monsters during the siege now can uncheck the flag and resurrect even after the gates were broken.

Thanks for helping us make Sphere 3 better and more interesting for all the players!
If you have found any new bug or error after the maintenance, please leave your message in the commentary.
Good luck in the game!

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