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First heroes reached the 40th level!

Dear friends!

We have great news from the battlefield! Someone has just reached the 40th level on PvP server! Congratulations to this great warrior, who has proved that everything is possible in the world of Sphere 3. Of course, this amazing accomplishment should be awarded.
The name of the winner is Dolores and we present this player with the unique Amethyst Wingback, a great mount, which is very fast and will make the journeys of its owner much more fascinating!

Players named NeO and Rustaw will also get the gifts for reaching the 40th level being the second and the third. Each of them will get a Desert Armorback.

All those mounts are permanent, so the winners can enjoy them as long as they want.
Again, congratulations to the winners!
But don’t think that now it is time to relax. PvE server is still waiting for its winners. And if you chose PvP, it’s not time to give up either. There will be other conquests for you to make and other prizes to win!
See you in the battle!
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