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Sphere 3 OBT is launching

Greetings everyone!
It's a pleasure for us to finally announce the long-waited start of open beta test for Sphere 3: Enchanted World! Are you ready for the upcoming battle for the fate of this world? Grab your gear, call your friends and join everlasting fight for power and domination!
While Demons and Humans, sworn to annihilate each other, are struggling to tip balance of powers, more races are waiting their turn to join each side of the conflict.
Choose your class from the large variety selection and master it's abilities. Brutal fighter, agile rouge or wise spellcaster, pick whoever you want to be and become legend!
Learn new powerful skills and reinforce abilities to reveal your true potential. Choose what skills will be more useful for your gaming style and selected role and upgrade them!
Create clan and summon your allies on awesome castle siege. Gain control over castle and receive bountiful rewards and benefits.
Experience hardcore russian world-free PvP and overcome massive waves of monsters, trying to survive on arena for huge rewards and glory!
Join forces to defeat mighty world bosses, roaming all over enchanted world!
Prepare for castle siege warfare like you never seen before! Use the variety of devastating siege weapons to bring down castle defenses or repel invaders with it's mighty force!
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See you soon in Enchanted World! Sphere 3 OBT is launching! Glory awaits.
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