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Prepare for OBT!

Greetings everyone!
This time we are anxious to share some great news with you! Very soon we will be ready to invite every player, and especially you, to Open Beta Test for Sphere 3: Enchanted World!
This autumn you can find out yourself, what hardcore russian PvP means.
Explore vast locations and beautiful landscapes, filled with exiting adventures. Defeat bloodthirsty creatures and hunt for treasures. Prove your skills in savage arena battles, repelling monsters wave after wave for great rewards! Found a clan and join widescale castle siege, like you never seen before! Use mighty siege weapons to bring down castle defenses and weaken your enemies. Conquer castles for ultimate glory! Or simply enjoy your life, as the cunning adventurer or violent player killer.
All the possibilities in your hands, and it's time for you to decide!
See you soon on OBT!
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