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The end of Closed Beta Test.

Dear Players,
We are glad to announce, that Sphere III CBT phase will finish 13.08.15 at 12:00 MSK.
After this, our development team will take a short break in order to prepare the game for the Open Beta phase!

Don't worry, it wouldn't take much time and our servers will be ready for OBT within a week.
We'll announce OBT date in the near future. Please, follow the news on our site and FB Page.
Attention: After the end of CBT character data base will be wiped. All character names will be available once again and pre-existing characters will be deleted.
Also, we decided to provide rewards for our most active players. If you have:
  • Levelled up 35+ character during the CBT phase.
  • Reported bugs and issues on our forums or directly to the GM's.
  • Actively participated in forum discussions regarding game development, new features and balance.
You will be rewarded with valuable prizes!
Just check your e-mail from time to time. If you are eligible, we'll definitely send you the letter!
Have a great time and prepare for upcoming Open Beta Testing!
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